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John McKee 1795-1796
James Houston (Major) 1796-1818
Jacob F. Foute 1818-1833
Nathaniel Reagan 1833-1840
Jeremiah Kennon 1841-1844
William Lowry 1844-1848
Robert A. Tedford 1848-1853
Spencer Henry 1853-1854
J.C. McCoy 1854-1862
W.L. Dearing 1862-1866
R.C. Tucker 1866-1871
T.D. Edginton 1871-1872
J.A. Greer 1872-1880
Ben Cunningham (Major) 1880-1902
Clay Cunningham 1902-1910
C.B. Badgett 1910-1918
George D. Roberts 1918-1930
E.A. Walker 1930-1938
R.D. Hunnicut 1938-1946
Joe L. Marshall 1946-1970


Source: Burns, Inez E. History of Blount County, Tennessee; From War Trail to Landing Strip, 1795-1955. Nashville: Printed by Benson Print. Co.], 1957.


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Notable Men of Tennessee, a book that was published in 1912, has been digitized by Google and is in the public domain. It contains sketches of individuals from Tennessee. The full-text of the book can be downloaded as a PDF file from Google Books.

There are not character sketches from Blount County, but there is a list. Those men are:

  • Rev. Wm. T. McDowell
  • Rev. John S. Craig
  • Rev. Thomas J. Lamar
  • Hon. John F. Henry
  • John W.H. Tipton
  • Andrew Kirckpatrick
  • William J. Hackney
  • Iredel D. Wright
  • Captain James Henry
  • Harold Foster
  • William McTeer
  • Stephen Matthews
  • David Goodard
  • Spencer Henry
  • W.L. Dearing
  • Solomon Farmer
  • David Goodard
  • Wm. Goodard
  • Andrew McBath
  • Robert Eagleton
  • W.H. Cunningham
  • James H. Rowan

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Birth: Baby Girl of James P. Henry

Maryville Times – 3 Oct 1895

“Born to Mr. & Mrs. James P. Henry, a girl”

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