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John McKee 1795-1796
James Houston (Major) 1796-1818
Jacob F. Foute 1818-1833
Nathaniel Reagan 1833-1840
Jeremiah Kennon 1841-1844
William Lowry 1844-1848
Robert A. Tedford 1848-1853
Spencer Henry 1853-1854
J.C. McCoy 1854-1862
W.L. Dearing 1862-1866
R.C. Tucker 1866-1871
T.D. Edginton 1871-1872
J.A. Greer 1872-1880
Ben Cunningham (Major) 1880-1902
Clay Cunningham 1902-1910
C.B. Badgett 1910-1918
George D. Roberts 1918-1930
E.A. Walker 1930-1938
R.D. Hunnicut 1938-1946
Joe L. Marshall 1946-1970


Source: Burns, Inez E. History of Blount County, Tennessee; From War Trail to Landing Strip, 1795-1955. Nashville: Printed by Benson Print. Co.], 1957.


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Ever since I started doing genealogy, history has become much more interesting to me.  One way I have seen this manifest is that I love to read historical markers now.  Not only are they informative, but they can serve as good graphics to illustrate any writing you may be doing on your family’s geographic origins/areas.

While browsing the internet, I located a couple of pictures of historical markers in Blount County.  The Historical Marker Database has two listed

How can you find more markers?

  • The Fall 1995 issue of The Blount Journal has a listing of markers. You could order this article through your public library’s interlibrary loan department.
  • The Tennessee Historical Commission publishes a booklet of all the historical markers in the state.  For $3.50 it can be yours
  • Waymarker has a listing of markers throughout the state.  According to their Google Map interface for browsing, there are not any yet listed for Blount County, but with more than 612 markers listed to date, this may be worth periodically checking. An easy way to stay up to date is to subscribe to the RSS feed.
  • Flickr has a Historical Markers Pool – this is not specific to any state though. There are currently more than 3,000 markers listed here!

Next time you pass one, stop and take a picture – contribute to the repositories out there!

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Upon browsing Google Books, I came across this will of William McClure of Blount, Tennessee. The will was published in the book The McClung Genealogy: a genealogical and biographical record of the McClung Family from the time of their emigration to the year 1904. This will spans pages 49-50. I have added it to the Blount County Wills page.
According to the book, William McClung died 14 Feb 1837


I Wm McClung of Blount County and state of Tennessee do make this my last will and testament in maner following that is to say:

  • 1st that all my just debts be fully paid
  • 2nd – After the discharge of my funeral expenses that my Beloved wife Euphemia McClung be and remain in full possession of all my Estate both real and personal that is in Blount County during her natural life and after her decease I give and bequeath to my Children herein after named in manner following
  • 3rd – I give and bequeath to my son Patrick McClung the tract of Land whereon I now live lying and being in Blount County to be remain his and his heirs and assigns forever
  • 4th – I give and bequeath to my son John McClung two Quarter sections of land lying and being in Monrow County where on said John now lives, to be and remain his and his heirs and assigns forever
  • 5th – That my personal Estate be equally divided by sale or otherwise amongst my seven surviving Children namely James, Patrick, Polly, Jane, Nancy, John & Phebe.
  • 6th – A schedule of cash and value of property given to some of my Children is a part of my last Will and Testament and is folded with it.
  • 7th – As to the people of color now in my possession or their Children my will is that they shall be free at my decease and that my Executors are hereby authorised to appropriate $50 for the express purpose of helping to defray the expence of their transportation to Liberia should they be willing to go.
  • 8th – Should any of the legatees of this Will be dissatisfied with the distributions that may be made, said dispute or disagreement shal be left to three disinterested men whose decision shall be final. These men to be mutually chosen.
  • 9th – I do hereby nominate and appoint my Beloved wife Euphemia McClung, James Houston & Patrick McClung executors of this my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 18th April 1834 – Wm. McClung.


I William McClung having in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and thirty four, and April 18th, executed my last will and testament and in the Seventh article of said will did provide for the freedom of all the people of color then in my possession and their children, I now deem it necessary in view of the difficulties that might arise to them from existing law, do deem it necessary to make some alteration in the said Seventh article of the afore said will which is as follows, viz: that all the people of color belonging to me remain in the possession of and under the protection of my son Patrick McClung until they feal themselves prepared and in readiness to comply with the requisitions of law and slaves emancipated by will or otherwise and further I ordain that the $50 appropriated for their transportation shall be given provided they colonize at any place on the coasts of affrica. In witness where of I have herunto set my hand and official seal this 3rd day of June 1836 – Wm. McClung (seal)

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