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Excerpt from the March 8, 1896 issue of the Tennessee Daily Journal

Mr. W.C. Chumlea, our hustling pension attorney, has recently succeeded in securing pensions for the following persons:

  • Dr. P.M. Barrett – for services rendered as Chaplain in the first regiment of New York Battles, during the late war
  • Mrs. Louisa Henderson
  • Mrs.  Araminta Cooper – widow of Joseph Cooper who did service in the Indian war
  • Mrs. Mary D. Harrington
  • and Rueben Tipton

All who have claims against Uncle Sam would do well to put them in the hands of Mr. Chumlea, who now enjoys the distinction of being a first-class pension attorney, and I might say here that he is worthy of that distinction because he has secured pension for so many of our noble sires, who left home and friends in the defense of our country’s rights.


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William “Fightin’ Billy” Tipton was one of the sons of Col. John Tipton. I’ve done a few posts on the Tipton family before and while at the Tennessee State Archives recently, I noticed an article in the Blount Journal about Fightin’ Billy.  The article appeared in the Fall 2005 issue and is very interesting.

In the article appears William’s obituary as published in the Knxoville Register on November 17, 1849.

“Died in Blount County, Tennessee, November 3rd, Mr. William Tipton.  Mr. Tipton was born in Shenandoah County, Virginia, Feburary 13, 1761.  He entered the service a mere boy, under Capt.   Langdon, 1776, was at the siege and storming of Savannah, where he was severley wounded and left on the field all night, as dead.  He is a brother to Capt. Abraham Tipton, who was under Col. Joseph Crockett, and who fell at Briargrass Creek, September 20, 1781, and also to Capt. Jacob Tipton, who raised a company of men in Green County, this state, and fell at St. Clair’s Defeat.  Fought under his gallant father at the battle of Franklin, was in the Creek War under General Jackson, fought bravely atPensacola, Talladega, Chicchopco, Enumclaw and Tohopeka, or Horse Shoe.”

This article is a must have for any Tipton family researchers. For other posts on the Tipton family, click here.

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Col. John Tipton

I’ve added a new link to the Bibliography page of this blog – a website with information about Col. John Tipton and sons.  On a previous blog entry, I’d posted some information about the Tiptons summarizing some resources online and John, a descendant of Tipton, commented and put a link to his website dedicated to the Tipton family

Visit the site if you have a research interest in the Tipton family. It is very well put-together and could serve as a research hub for those researching the Tipton family.  Kudos to John on a site well done!

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Tipton Family

In an earlier post this month, Polly inquired about George Washington Tipton, whom she believes may be a son of Lt. Benjamin William Tipton & Rebecca Cusick.  George Washington Tipton died in Blount County in 1807 and is buried in Ellejoy Cemetery.

tipton_benjamin_headstone1Source: Photo from FindAGrave 

It looks like this Tipton line is of interst to many; Lt. Benjamin Tipton was a member of a very military active family, one of several sons of Col. John Tipton.  You can read about this family in the book A History of Tennessee and Tennesseans by Hale & Merritt online at Google Books (start on page 2597).  Col. John Tipton had at least 10 sons, and several daughters. According to the book, there are sixteen counties, towns, and railroad stations named for the family across the United States. I used to live near one of them, Tipton County, TN.  When I saw Polly’s query, I was naturally curious, and found this out rather quickly. 

John’s son were (the first six fought in the Revolutionary War):

  • Samuel died in 1833 in Carter County, TN
  • Benjamin died in 1807 in Blount County as stated above
  • Abraham died in 1782 at 26 years old near the Falls of Ohio
  • William, known as “Fighting Billy” also died in Blount County, in 1842. There is a picture of his residence in Cades Cove on the Smoky Mountains National Park website.
  • Isaac died in 1827 near Elizabethtown
  • Jacob died in 1791 and is the one that Tipton County is named after
  • Thomas lived in Blount County for a while, but moved to Riggengold, Georgia where died
  • John died in my stomping grounds, here in Nashville, TN in 1831 and is buried in the Nashville City Cemetery
  • Jonathan – whose first wife was President John Adams’ sister. From 1811-1821 Jonathan represented Blount County in the senate. He died in 1858 in Monroe County.
  • Abraham (son by his father’s second wife) – not much info about him
  • Joseph – died in Warren county Tennessee before 1842

The Tipton’s have a long history in East Tennesse and there seems to be a lot of information out there about them.

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Query: Tipton Families

Polly has made the following inquiry

“I am researching Tipton families of Blount Co TN, especially ancestors of George Washington Tipton 1807-1886 and Martha (unkn). I have pictures of grave markers in Morgan Co AL where he was buried in Crawford Cemetery. I think he was the last son of RS Lt. Benjamin William Tipton and Rebecca Cusick. George W Tipton would be a nephew of William “Fighting Billy” Tipton. I am descended from GWT’s son, William Mark Tipton and Susan A Reneau. Is anyone researching this same line from RS LT Benjamin Tipton?”

If you have any information, please email her at polly dot rash at swbell dot net

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Notable Men of Tennessee, a book that was published in 1912, has been digitized by Google and is in the public domain. It contains sketches of individuals from Tennessee. The full-text of the book can be downloaded as a PDF file from Google Books.

There are not character sketches from Blount County, but there is a list. Those men are:

  • Rev. Wm. T. McDowell
  • Rev. John S. Craig
  • Rev. Thomas J. Lamar
  • Hon. John F. Henry
  • John W.H. Tipton
  • Andrew Kirckpatrick
  • William J. Hackney
  • Iredel D. Wright
  • Captain James Henry
  • Harold Foster
  • William McTeer
  • Stephen Matthews
  • David Goodard
  • Spencer Henry
  • W.L. Dearing
  • Solomon Farmer
  • David Goodard
  • Wm. Goodard
  • Andrew McBath
  • Robert Eagleton
  • W.H. Cunningham
  • James H. Rowan

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