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Maryville Times
18 Oct 1906

Saturday morning an event was consummated for which the public has been on the <…> many days.   Mr. James A. Goddard, the popular assistant cashier of the Bank of Maryville and Mrs. Ella DeArmond repaired to the home of Dr. Samuel T. Wilson and were made husband and wife.  After the ceremony, they boarded the train for Knoxville from which point they went to Greenville to attend the Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in session at that place.  The happy couple retured to Maryville  Monday evening and went at once to their beautiful hom in South Maryville, where they were greeted by the immediate of their families.   An old-fashioned serenade enlivened the early hours of the night as a noisy expression of the good wishes of their friends.   May a life, rich in contentment, cheer the days to come and be led gently down the vista of the years is he wish of the Enterprise.


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As posted by Caleb Teffeteller on July 8, 2005

Maryville Times, (Blount Co. TN) Saturday, June 3, 1899:
“The funeral services of Dr. J.E. McGhee were conducted by Pres. Boardman of Maryville College at the home of Prof. F.M. Gill, May 30, 1899. Profs. Wilson, Waller, Newman and Rev. Creswell assisted in the exercises. The following remarks were made by Dr. Boardman: (Thess. 4:24) Rev. John E. McGee whose obsequies we this day attend was born in Sharon, [Noble Co.] Ohio, about 35 years ago. He was graduated at Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio in 1887. He received the degree of A.M. at the same institution in 1890. He was graduated at Lane Theological Seminary in the same class with Rev. F.E. Moore, James McDonald, John S. Eakin and John Creswell of this synod in 1890. He received the degree of Doctor of Philosphy from Wooster University in 1895. He was licensed to preach the Gospel in 1889 and was ordained by the Presbytery of Zanesville in 1890. He was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Fredricktown, Ohio in 1890-94. He then pursued post graduate study at the University of Edinboro, Scotland for two years. In 1898 he became pastor of the important church of Zenia, Ohio. On the failure of his health he resigned his pastorate, which was accepted with expressions of regret and of high esteem and with a generous provision for his sojourn in the south, in the hope of restoration to health and prolonged usefulness. In pursuit of this purpose he arrived in Maryville about seven weeks ago. For a time he seemed to improve and was able to ride out to attend church and to enjoy the society of his friends. Soon however his deceptive disease made such progress as to show that the end was near. He accepted the result with entire resignation and was ready and desirous to depart. With perfect calmness he made all the necessary final arrangements, with assured hope, but without marked demonstration awaited the end, often expressing the desire for a speedy release. It was providentially ordered that his last days should be spent and his departure occur in the home of one who had known him from childhood and to whom he had looked upon with affectionate regard from early years in that native place. He desired to be buried from this house and in the soil hallowed as the resting place of Isaac Anderson, Thomas Lamar, Alexander Bartlett and G.W. Crawford and many other saints of God of precious memory. Dr. McGhee was earnest, enterprising and ambitious of excellence. He educated himself and prosecuted his studies in the higher fields of knowledge at home and abroad. As we who had not known him before, have conversed with him here though in these last days of great prostration and weakness, we perceived the acuteness and vigor of his mind as seen in the decission and force of his convictions. He was a scholar and his influence in promoting scholastic pursuits will be prolonged by the donation of his large and valuable library to his Alma Mater, Muskingum College. His sun has gone down at noon-day yet not before his work had been done. What other and higher services are reserved for his aspiring intellect and glowing heart, we do not know. The Great Task Master makes no mistakes. He knows precisely, when, and where and how to send forth and to recall the laborers in his vineyard. Dr. McGee preached the unsearchable riches of Christ for nine years and was a pastor for six years. Though he has died and is to be buried today far away from the beloved churches which he served, yet within the church and as near to Christ as his death could have been elsewhere. We who were until recently strangers to him in the flesh were yet one with him in spirit and we gather around his peaceful form today in place of kindred and tender parishioners in those closer bonds in which both they and we are bound together in Christ. It is a sacred privilege to pay this last tribute of respect and affection to a fellow servant in the ministry of Jesus Christ. So we bid this honored and beloved brother, called a little before ourselves, farewell; in tender remembrance and in glorious hope.”

Asleep in Jesus far from thee,
Thy kindred and their graves may be,
But thine is still a blessed sleep,
From which none ever wakes to weep.

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Township Tuesday posts will share news specific to a township of local relevance.

As published in the Maryville-Alcoa Times -January 4, 1960

  • Mrs. Ella Wilson has been feeling much worse since Christmas Day.  Her greatest desire since coming from the hospital last February has been to be able to go back to church, but so far she hasn’t been able to go.  The pastor, the Rev. Jimmie Milsaps, has brought recorded sermons for her to hear.  For the eve of the Christmas program at the church he brought his recorder and took down her testimony for the services.  Mrs. Wilson presented her pastor with a quilt, the cross and the crown for Christmas.
  • Misses Brenda, Sandra, and Sheila Hargis are spending a few days with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Conard Edmonds of Knoxville.
  • Miss Lucille Walker is a patient at Blount Memorial Hospital.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ray Janeway and daughters of Carpenters took supper Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shields.
  • The Rev. Jimmie Milsaps entered the hospital Saturday and underwent a tonsillectomy Wednesday.
  • Mrs. Rose Miles visited Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Chambers of Mint Sunday afternoon.
  • Spending Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Everett were their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.N. Everett and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wilson.
  • Miss Linda Marine spent one afternoon with Mrs. Glen Boering of Fairview recently.
  • Mr. Shird Franklin is a patient at Blount Memorial Hospital where he will undergo surgery.
  • Mr. and Mrs.  Thomas L. Ferguson spent Christmas with their daughter, Mrs. Cecil Blevins and Mr. Blevins of Lakemont.
  • Mr. and Mrs. I.D. Jackson of Knoxville spent Tuesday night with their aunt, Mrs. Ella Wilson, and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shields.   The Jacksons are leaving the first of the year for Reno, Nev., where they will spend several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Melbourne Jackson and family.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Blevins took dinner Sunday with their son, Mr. Cecil Blevins, and Mrs. Blevins of Lakemont.

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