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John McKee 1795-1796
James Houston (Major) 1796-1818
Jacob F. Foute 1818-1833
Nathaniel Reagan 1833-1840
Jeremiah Kennon 1841-1844
William Lowry 1844-1848
Robert A. Tedford 1848-1853
Spencer Henry 1853-1854
J.C. McCoy 1854-1862
W.L. Dearing 1862-1866
R.C. Tucker 1866-1871
T.D. Edginton 1871-1872
J.A. Greer 1872-1880
Ben Cunningham (Major) 1880-1902
Clay Cunningham 1902-1910
C.B. Badgett 1910-1918
George D. Roberts 1918-1930
E.A. Walker 1930-1938
R.D. Hunnicut 1938-1946
Joe L. Marshall 1946-1970


Source: Burns, Inez E. History of Blount County, Tennessee; From War Trail to Landing Strip, 1795-1955. Nashville: Printed by Benson Print. Co.], 1957.


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Maryville Times
October 18, 1906

Wednesday being the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Will A. McTeer, her daughter, Mrs. Raymond Patton and Major McTeer  arranged a surprise by inviting a number of friends after prayer meeting hour.   So unsuspecting was  Mrs. McTeer, that she retired early being weary with the day’s duties and when the company of friends invaded the home she was lost in slumbers of the night.  She quickly arose howerver and welcomed her friends to her magnificent home.  The hours were spent in pleasant conversation enlivened with sweet music rendered by the Misses Bittle.   Refreshments of fruit, cake and coffee were served by Mrs. Patton after which the guest withdrew wishing Mrs. McTeer many happy returns. 

Many nice presents were given.  Major and Mrs. McTeer have an ideal home and if there is a happier man in the state than the Major we would like to see him.  The master of the household, the Major’s young son, was not presented to the assemblage as he has objections to keeping late hours, and so retired early.  

Major McTeer has a unique history in the fact that he was married one day and his wife was born the next.   Can you figure it out?  The following consitituted the party enjoying their hospitality.  Maj. Ben Cunningham and wife,  Mrs. Hettie C. McCulloch,  J.N. Badgett and wife,  Rev. W.K. Weaver and wife,  Mrs. J.W. Post,  Miss Anna McCulloch,  Eula Post,  John Huffstetler and wife,  Rev. B.M. Martin and wife,  Mrs. Matt Huffstetler,  Mrs.  Zona Prather,  Dr. C.B. Lawrence and wife,  Misses Bittle.

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Will of Samuel Badgett

In the name of God Amen I Samuel Badgett of the County of Blount and State of Tennessee being of good health and of perfect mind and memory and knowing it is appointed once and for all men to die to make and ordain this my last will and testament disannualing all writings heretofore made by me as touching presents that is to say first I recommend my sould to God who gave it and desire that my body may be buried in a christian like manner.  And as touching such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bestowon me I give in manner and form following

  • Item I give unto my brother Abraham Badgett my negro man Wisley
  • Item I give unto my brother Russom Badgett my negro man David
  • Item I give unto my brother Burwell P.  Badgett my negro man Mathew
  • Item I give unto my brother James Badgett my negro man Lewis
  • Item I give unto my sister Rebecca Horn my negro woman Grace
  • Item I give unto my nephew Don Carlos my negro boy Andrew
  • Item I give unto Augusting S. Godfrey my land and plantation whereon I now live likewise I give unto him the said Augustine S. Godfrey my negro girl Mary together with all my stock of every kind also all my household and kitchen furniture I appoint my worthy brother Burwell F. Badgett Executor of this my last will and testament and also I appoint him to manage all the estate given to Augustine S. Godfrey in the way that he shall think is most advantageous to him until he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years as witness my hand and seal this fifteenth day of July in the year 1830

Test: William C. Carlos & Thomas Cal Burell

Samuel Badgett (Seal)

Source: Moore, John Trotwood. Records of Blount County, Tennessee, Wills. [Nashville, Tenn.?]: Works Progress Administration, 1937.]

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As published in the Maryville Enterprise on January 13, 1960

FIFTY YEARS AGO (January 14, 1919)

  • Town council passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale on the Sabbath of merchandise of every kind and every description, except medicines, actual and necessary foods, undertakers, goods and clothing for the burial of the dead.  Also restaurants, cafes, eating houses, and lunch countes shall not be open except for serving bona fide meals to travelers and boarders.  The sale of tobacco, cigars, candies, ice cream, soda water and other drinks shall be regarded as a violation of the ordinance.
  • John Badgett and Roy Keny returned Monday from an extensive southern trip.  The principal stop being at Madisonville.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clyde West have just returned from a two week’s visit with Dr. Eckles, the father of Mrs. West.  Dr. Eckles was formerly a well-known minister here, and whose home is now in Osborne, Ohio.
  • Robert Redwine, formerly of this county now located at Clinton was in the city a few hours Wednesday.  He is looking for a location with a view of moving his family back to old Blount.
  • Dr. J.P. Calhoun is able to be out again after several days of sickness on account of which he was not able to preach last Sunday.

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO (January 10, 1935)

  • Eldra Morton and Clay Lambert were shot as they left Fores Hills Church.  Lambert is expected to recorver, but Morton died on the way to the hospital.
  • In Monday’s session of County Court the appropriation of $340 for Home Demonstration Club work failed by one vote.
  • Prompt action by the city firemen prevented what might have been a serious fire in the Gamble Bldg. when gasoline spilled near the stove in the College Barber Shop at Church and College.  the shop was heavily damaged.
  • Miss Evelyn Johnson and Miss Adah Margaret Lamon entertained at the home of Miss Johnson Saturday evening for 20 high school friends.
  • Mrs. Carl Storey and Miss Dorothy Bassell tendered a luncheon for thirteen guests in honor Mrs. Hugh DeLozier, nee Miss Harriet Brown.
  • Born to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cupp on January 2, a daughter, Charlotte Murrell.

TEN YEARS AGO (January 12, 1950)

  • Dr. C.F. Crowder, one of the county’s most beloved physicicns, died January 12, after a several weeks’ illness.
  • H.C. Fonde, local builder, died January 9 after being in ill health for several years.
  • A ten room house on Singleton Bend Rd., was destroyed by fire Sunday night.
  • Scottie Trundle entertained with a bingo party as a farewell courtesy to Louie Mauney who is leaving to make his home in Asheboro, N.C.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Russell have returned to their home in N.Y. after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Russell.  They were accompanied by Mrs. Joe Miser, Jr. and little son.
  • The marriage of Miss Barbara Ann Sullards and the Rev. Warren T. Smith took place December 27 at Mt. Carmel, Ill.
  • Miss Dorothy Jean Farrar and Mr. James A. Smith were married January 7 in Jefferson City.
  • Mrs. Rosa Driskill entertained Monday afternoon with a coffee for the teachers at West Side School.
  • Two sets of twins were born at Blount Memorial Hospital.  Twin daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Otis Driver of Alcoa, and a son and daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark of Greenback.

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