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John McKee 1795-1796
James Houston (Major) 1796-1818
Jacob F. Foute 1818-1833
Nathaniel Reagan 1833-1840
Jeremiah Kennon 1841-1844
William Lowry 1844-1848
Robert A. Tedford 1848-1853
Spencer Henry 1853-1854
J.C. McCoy 1854-1862
W.L. Dearing 1862-1866
R.C. Tucker 1866-1871
T.D. Edginton 1871-1872
J.A. Greer 1872-1880
Ben Cunningham (Major) 1880-1902
Clay Cunningham 1902-1910
C.B. Badgett 1910-1918
George D. Roberts 1918-1930
E.A. Walker 1930-1938
R.D. Hunnicut 1938-1946
Joe L. Marshall 1946-1970


Source: Burns, Inez E. History of Blount County, Tennessee; From War Trail to Landing Strip, 1795-1955. Nashville: Printed by Benson Print. Co.], 1957.


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From The Maryville Enterprise Times
11 Oct 1906

The Social Whirl: Parties and Entertainments Divert the Young

Mrs.  Joe F. Reagan entertained the officers and teachers of the M.E. Church, South Sunday-school, together with the wives and husbands of the officers, on last Thursday evening at her beautiful home on Main street.  The time was spent in conversation, music and select readings after which delightful refreshments were served.  Those present and enjoying her hospitality were Rev. and Mrs. H.S. Booth, R.G. McNutt and wife, J.L. Keny and wife, Dr. C.B. Lawrence and wife, Mrs. Post and daughter, Eula, Mrs. A.K. Harper, W.B. Lawrence, Miss Mary Everett, Mrs. William C. Everett.

Misses Marie and Besty Clemmons delightfully entertained at six o’clock dinner last Wednesday at their elegant new home in the High School addition, in honor of Messrs. Montgomery Hannum and Robt. McReynolds.  The evening was spent in amusements after which the guests left declaring that the evening had been a delightful one.  Those present were Messrs. Montgomery Hannum, Whitle, Otto Pflanze, Rufus Cox, Robt. McReynolds, Misses Gussie and Johnnie McReynolds, Nellie McNutt.

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