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Maryville Times
October 18, 1906

Wednesday being the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Will A. McTeer, her daughter, Mrs. Raymond Patton and Major McTeer  arranged a surprise by inviting a number of friends after prayer meeting hour.   So unsuspecting was  Mrs. McTeer, that she retired early being weary with the day’s duties and when the company of friends invaded the home she was lost in slumbers of the night.  She quickly arose howerver and welcomed her friends to her magnificent home.  The hours were spent in pleasant conversation enlivened with sweet music rendered by the Misses Bittle.   Refreshments of fruit, cake and coffee were served by Mrs. Patton after which the guest withdrew wishing Mrs. McTeer many happy returns. 

Many nice presents were given.  Major and Mrs. McTeer have an ideal home and if there is a happier man in the state than the Major we would like to see him.  The master of the household, the Major’s young son, was not presented to the assemblage as he has objections to keeping late hours, and so retired early.  

Major McTeer has a unique history in the fact that he was married one day and his wife was born the next.   Can you figure it out?  The following consitituted the party enjoying their hospitality.  Maj. Ben Cunningham and wife,  Mrs. Hettie C. McCulloch,  J.N. Badgett and wife,  Rev. W.K. Weaver and wife,  Mrs. J.W. Post,  Miss Anna McCulloch,  Eula Post,  John Huffstetler and wife,  Rev. B.M. Martin and wife,  Mrs. Matt Huffstetler,  Mrs.  Zona Prather,  Dr. C.B. Lawrence and wife,  Misses Bittle.


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From The Maryville Enterprise Times
11 Oct 1906

The Social Whirl: Parties and Entertainments Divert the Young

Mrs.  Joe F. Reagan entertained the officers and teachers of the M.E. Church, South Sunday-school, together with the wives and husbands of the officers, on last Thursday evening at her beautiful home on Main street.  The time was spent in conversation, music and select readings after which delightful refreshments were served.  Those present and enjoying her hospitality were Rev. and Mrs. H.S. Booth, R.G. McNutt and wife, J.L. Keny and wife, Dr. C.B. Lawrence and wife, Mrs. Post and daughter, Eula, Mrs. A.K. Harper, W.B. Lawrence, Miss Mary Everett, Mrs. William C. Everett.

Misses Marie and Besty Clemmons delightfully entertained at six o’clock dinner last Wednesday at their elegant new home in the High School addition, in honor of Messrs. Montgomery Hannum and Robt. McReynolds.  The evening was spent in amusements after which the guests left declaring that the evening had been a delightful one.  Those present were Messrs. Montgomery Hannum, Whitle, Otto Pflanze, Rufus Cox, Robt. McReynolds, Misses Gussie and Johnnie McReynolds, Nellie McNutt.

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